Dar Bouidar Solar – 7 – project back on track

After months of waiting, excitingly, the project is at last back on track and soon we can complete construction in Dar Bouidar. All the solar panels, inverters, cables, smart village technolgy and all the gear is shipping today. Travelling from the northern tip of Germany by truck to Spain. It will in a few days cross over the Strait of Gibraltar, arriving at the port of Tangier, Morocco. Hopefully, clearing customs will not take very long! And from Tanger it is roughly one last day’s drive to Dar Bouidar, just south of Marrakech.

Entering Morocco is currently still quite restricted, but I hope it will be possible for me to travel to Dar Bouidar around early April and – together with the local team – install the solar power system and all the smart village technolgy. Please cross fingers!

Andreas earlier this week nearly done solving the puzzle how to pack a load of electrical equipment and all the smart components into a single crate. It worked out – if only just.

So today the 14 crates and pallets are finally heading to Morocco! We have had great support from the involved companies: E3 Spedition who had stored the equipment during the lockdown, Katrin Schultz of Peter Meyer e.K. Zolldeklaration did an amazing job sorting out all the tricky export paperwork and last but not least, the team at Meyer & Meyer who are now shipping it to Morocco. Thank you all very much!

Earlier this week the crates and pallets were still waiting in the warehouse (more outside of view on the right). At the time of writing they are on their way out to Morocco.

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