Dar Bouidar Solar – 3 – construction begins

Well – financing the project did turn out to be tricky – trickier than I’d anticipated. Dar Bouidar is supported by various charitable organisations based in Europe, for instance there is one in Germany and another in Switzerland. Fortunately, these organizations immediately saw the benefits of going solar and they have kindly collected donations to fund the project. Thank you very much!

Now I’ve arrived in Morocco to start with construction.

Just arrived in Dar Bouidar (myself looking somewhat dishevelled)

Tasks for my stay include

  1. Clearing an area for the PV panels and installing the mounting structures
  2. Building a small room to house the inverters, batteries, grid-control computer and networking equipment
  3. Fine-tune the shopping-list of cables and wires, LED lights and smart switches and actuators and all that stuff
Digger clearing area for panels
Clearing the area for the PV array, the local team is very nice – great working with them

The panels, inverters and batteries are planned to be shipped in a few weeks so that we can install everything in April or May latest. The PV panels are from Taiwan, the mounting system from Switzerland, inverters are from Germany and the batteries are from China. The little computer that will look after energy flows is from Britain, and it sounds like some sort of fruit. More on that later.

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