Residential Home

Residential PV mounted on pitched roofs, in pitched roofs (often referred to as BIPV) and on flat roofs. Battery storage, electric vehicle chargers, monitoring and alerting solutions.

Residential with mix of in-roof and flat roof PV
solar, solar energy, solar power

Commercial – in particular Small and Medium Sized Businesses

PV, battery storage, fleet charging, PV car ports, demand-side-management technology enabling peak shaving, load-shifting and load-balancing to optimize grid connection and reduce electricity costs. Rounded off with comprehensive monitoring, reporting and alerting solutions.

Complete engineering, procurement and constrution as well as consulting services.

Off Grid

Complete off grid solutions: Mini-grids powered by ground-mounted or rooftop PV and appropriately sized battery storage, and energy flows controlled by demand-side-management technology. Site-wide long distance WiFi and LTE  based remote management.

For detail please check our blog.

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