Why Us?

Creating great energy solutions using solar, energy storage and IT.

Our Mission​

We started a long time ago in information technology. Later, very consciously we moved into renewable energy. Some 10 years ago, solar and wind power was already becoming more and more affordable. But back then it was ‘only’ displacing a portion of fossil generation. Fast forward to today, renewable generation (mainly solar and wind) coupled with energy storage and information technology are the keys to our collective energy future.

The outgoing old energy system – largly fossil and nuclear – is highly centralised and makes little use of digital communications. However, building a decarbonised world will be so much more easy using decentralisation and digitisation. We are convinced that the sustainable new energy system will obviously be based on renewable energy generation that is geographically spread out and close to were the energy is needed. But it will also make complete sense to fully utilise the benefits of information technology to optimise energy harvest, energy use as well as energy storage and distribution.

Our Core Values

Work hard and do our part to help switching from digging up and burning stuff to creating and deploying the technology that – for instance – keeps harvesting free and clean sunshine.

Some core values are

About the turtle in our logo:

Turtles are not necessarily known for speed. But turtles symbolize wisdom, strength, stability and endurance. So our turtle symbolizes sustainability and on its back it has a switch that is set to ‘on’ – or ‘go’. 

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