Getting PV on your home’s roof is a great way to a more sustainable life. We advise homeowners and we also offer complete PV home systems. Our projets start with methodical design and planning steps. We use quality components and ensure our workmanship is of high standard.

Besides PV (both on-roof and roof integrated), we are experienced with battery storage, EV charging (for instance wall charger boxes), monitoring and allerting as well as various home automation technologies.

Johnson Energy - Residential PV 2020
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Commercial & Industrial

Lower your costs, generate your own clean power while showing that you care for the environment. Solar and battery storage are a great way for businesses to save a lot of money and be better prepared for the future.

Comprehensive range of consulting services. 

We offer a full package of assessment and system proposals as well as complete engineering, procurement & construction. 

Off Grid

We are experienced in off-grid solar technology and have built a wide range of off-grid systems ranging from powering a single house to a mini grid supplying a small village, displacing very costly and dirty diesel generated power.

The choice of storage technology is crucial. Even today, lead acid batteries are often chosen. However, some types of modern batteries have proven to perform very well and be reliable even in harsh conditions. So in most cases we advocate for using modern lithium ion battery technology rather than old-fashioned lead acid.

We offer a broad range of off-grid systems including solar lighting and solar water pumping.

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