Martyn Johnson

Electrical Engineer, Founder

Martyn started out in electrical engineering and after a couple years working in semiconductors, in 1999 he ventured into IT. Since 2006 he is fully committed to renewable energy, in particular PV. He has worked for some well-known PV technology providers in product management and business development roles.

He founded Johnson Energy in 2019. Martyn focuses on PV technology and energy storage as well as sales, finance and marketing.

Andreas Findert

Physicist, CTO

Andreas has a strong information technology background with 25 years in information technology – working for some major IT companies – his roles have included systems designer, consultant and sales engineer. 

His main focus is information technology, in particular monitoring, interfaces, data analysis and demand side management (DSM). Moreover, Andreas is engaged in many other aspects of running the company including sales and project management

Katrin Johnson

Office management & magic, Accounting

Katrin is a highly experienced personal assistant and administrator and is great at keeping the company running smoothly and on an even keel. She looks after all kinds of big and small tasks, is always keen to take on new challenges and to solve difficult problems. She even tackles engineering issues if needed. 

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