About us

Founded 2019

Martyn Johnson
Andreas Findert

Johnson Energy came to be in 2019.

We had spent a good number of years in the solar and renewable energy space working for some well regarded companies. And before that we had worked for a good many years in information technology also working for well regarded companies. In 2019 we felt the opportunity had now arrived to start offering customers great clean energy solutions while at the same time saving our customers lots of money and saving the planet lots of emissions. All the technology was (and is) in our hands. All the ingredients for really smart and clean energy are ready and there for us to use and create truly integrated solutions to suit virtually any kind of energy scenario. Solutions that serve today’s energy needs, save a lot of money, safeguard against rising energy costs and at the same time avoid a great deal of carbon emissions. We believe our energy solutions provide real value all around and think we can make more and more people very happy. 

Join the group of our happy customers. We look forward to working with you.

Martyn & Andreas


Create and deliver clean energy solutions, reliable, affordable and easy to use.


Reach sustainability as fast as possible: A world run on clean, abundant and affordable renewable energy.


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