Dar Bouidar Solar – 4 – so far so good

My first week in the village nearly passed without visible progress. But I guess you just have to adapt to the pace of things. Things really move at a different speed here, though ultimately they do get done.
We are getting a lot of great support from Aquahara who are showcasing their unique technology in Dar Bouidar. Aquahara is developing a cost-effective way to extract water from the air, an alternative to digging sometimes very deep wells or to seawater desalination. One major benefit of their technology is that it can be deployed anywhere – even in the remotest corners of the world where it is hot and dry.

Now on day 7 or 8, construction work is in full swing. The inverter and battery shack is now well under way.

Local team working on inverter shack and PV mounting structures
Working on the inverter & battery cabin (background),also working on installing PV mounting structures. As you can see it is overcast – occasionally it can be cloudy, though usually not for a full day.

A few days later the inverter room looked like this…

Battery and inverter room nearing completion
Our bricklayers are now finishing the roof of the inverter and battery room

I must head back to Europe and sort out sourcing of some of the equipment and also must get a few other things done.
I expect the local team will finish the inverter room and install the mounting system for the PV panels within a week or two.

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